• In January, 15 children of Sandhyalaya project participated in Inter NGO Sports Day conducted by NMIMS College at Rithumbara College. Children participated in most of the sports activity and enjoyed the event.

• It’s a shocking truth to see how our children are physically weak and their gross and fine motor have not developed to its full potential.

• On 22nd January, all the children of Sandhyalaya were taken to Juhu beach. There were various activities and races for the children. At the end children were divided into groups and were asked to show their creativity with the sand. Indeed the evening session at the beach was lovely and fulfilled. Children enjoyed a lot.

• Sandhyalaya were taken to Pushpa Narsee park for cycling on 5th June,2015. Children who had cycles brought their cycles to the park and also shared their cycle with other children. Two volunteers of Sandhyalaya from “Mumbai Cycling enthusiasts” made the evening lively by sharing their cycles with children and being a part of the evening.

  1. 28th February 2016:

Time: 9:00 am to noon

Rotary Club of Juhu Beach organised a Medical Camp for Sandhyalaya and sponsored students with their parents. 47 children, 14 mothers and 2 fathers were examined. VYF sponsored the medicines too.

  1. 23 March, 2016 a presentation on Holi followed by a Quiz was conducted at RKM, Khar.

  1. Date: 19th December 2015:

Occasion: Christmas Celebration:

Time: 4:00 pm to 5:00pm

Activity: Kisme Kitna Dum” at CCH (Chembur Children Home).

The celebration began with the decoration of the venue like putting of stars, Santa clause posters, stacking bed sheets, blowing balloons and sticking them on the wall.

Presentation on Christmas to children was shown along with questionnaire. Post presentation mimicry artist Deepak Pande’s present his art for 45 minutes. Children extremely enjoyed the act.

The main event Kisme Kitna Hai Dum was a super fulfilled event for the children. The participants and the audience both had super fun and lively. It was a huge motivation and encouragement to the raw talent, which the boys have within them. Story of Shri Ramakrishna’s life and his message ‘Sarv Dharm Sama Bhav’ were conveyed to the boys. Story of Birth of Jesus Christ was also narrated to them.

The celebration ended with prize distribution followed by the national anthem and then distribution of ‘chaddar’ (140) followed by sumptuous meal.

  1. 11th December 2015:

Time: 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Venue: Rambo Circus, Bandra Reclamation

No. of. Children: 24 boys and girls

Volunteer: Tanvi, Suman, Vandana, Suvarna, Purvi, Mohsin, Rajesh Sir.

Children at soup kitchen were taken to see the circus. This was for the first time they were exposed to something like this show. They were overwhelmed with the entire experience they were provided with lunch and snacks.

  1. A relief camp was set up near Bandra Terminals station for flood affected people of Kashmir. Nearly 250 families from Baramulla Region of J&K; amongst the most affected have sought refuge in Mumbai.VYF raised funds and provided food grains for their daily requirements. Such as rice, pulses, wheat, sugar, tea and spices etc.

  2. VYF also supported Aadhar Foundation, Byculla. It is a residential home for orphan boys above 18 yrs. VYF supplied groceries (pulses, Rice, Oil) to the organization.