A Hurrah for the Members of VYF !

A Hurrah for the Members of VYF ! Every now and then, I see young minds express young thoughts on Vide View. Every now and then, a butterfly sheds its cocoon. A child from the streets emerges into education and life. Every now and then, a step taken almost three decades [...]

First Love

First Love Mother! It is the most beautiful word that one could discover. It’s not just a noun it’s the most powerful term. A mother is a lady with the purest heart, most magical love and an extremely tender touch. She’s a lady with heaps and heaps of hope and faith. [...]

Experience : A Teacher

Experience : A Teacher I truly believe that we just don't need knowledge, but also wisdom, and wisdom comes with experience. My experience of spending time at VYF NGO has taught me so much; it has made me realize the things I do and do not have. Sharing my knowledge and [...]

A Winner; Are you?

A Winner; Are you? Hard work never brings Fatigue, it only brings Satisfaction. Certainly, luck has a role, but, we usually create our own bad luck by regularly getting trapped in self defeating attitudes and behaviour. Here are some of the worst traps or rather the 6 habits of unsuccessful [...]

Mission or Mirage? To raise or raze?

Mission or Mirage? To raise or raze? Ronald Dworkin's works lead to the observation that there is a strong and weak sense of liberty. A strong sense of liberty is given by law or by democratic form of government which says that each individual has an absolute right to liberty. [...]

Donate Online!

Donate Online! You can now donate towards Vivekananda Youth Forum's street children project, "Soup Kitchen" ONLINE. :) SHARE

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