First Love

Mother! It is the most beautiful word that one could discover. It’s not just a noun it’s the most powerful term. A mother is a lady with the purest heart, most magical love and an extremely tender touch. She’s a lady with heaps and heaps of hope and faith. A mother is an ordinary lady with extraordinary qualities. Her immense love which is selfless and absolutely unconditional can heal the biggest wound of a child. A mother is not only a parent but a teacher, a friend, a companion, a mentor and above all the most beautiful representation of god.

The relationship of a child with his mother begins even before his birth. Admits all the relationships, the one shared with your mother are the greatest one. A mother understands her child even before he’s born. It all begins with a beautiful hug the day a child comes to this world and that is the most magical moment of a child’s life. This hug is the most promising gift received by a child. It expresses the faith, passion and concern of a mother. It makes the child realise that he is not alone. It makes him sure that no pain, no worry, no evilness or harshness of this world can harm him because he is in the most secured place on planet earth that is his mother’s arms. The warmth of a mother’s love can heal each and every soul. It is her faith and selfless love that lights a child’s life. It is her who had staunch believe in her baby even before it’s born.

The relationship between a mother and a child is the most unique one. It’s not only a relationship it is a journey of a variety of emotions. It begins with cradle and ends at your grave. The love and compassion of a mother resides with you all throughout your life. A mother is the one who’ll instil arrows of wisdom in your quiver to help you face the various challenges of world. She’s a pacemaker of every child’s heart. When the entire world turns its back, a child always has his guardian angel, his mother. When things seem impossible and beyond a child’s reach it is the supreme power represented as mother that holds the child close to her and establishes faith within him and shows him the path to success. She is a lady with tremendous will power and amazing sixth sense when it comes to her child’s health and well being.

It is always said that a part of heaven does exit on earth and this part of heaven resides in the heart of a mother. A mother will always treat her child like an infant all throughout his or her life. Mother Teresa is one of the best examples of motherhood. She’s not been a mother to a child or two; she’s been a mother to hundreds of homeless people. She has loved them and done as best as she could for their well-being. It is often said that a mother is always the beginning and always the Reason why things begin. She is the reason for people to believe in the power of love at first sight, because when a child sees his mother for the first time he immediately falls in love with her.

Youth fades; leaves of friendship fall, love droops, a mother’s secret love outlives them all.

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