A Winner; Are you?

Hard work never brings Fatigue, it only brings Satisfaction.

Certainly, luck has a role, but, we usually create our own bad luck by regularly getting trapped in self defeating attitudes and behaviour.

Here are some of the worst traps or rather the 6 habits of unsuccessful people:

  1. Delusional thinking: Unsuccessful people constantly lie to themselves about their own life and why they are there in life instead of achieving their goals and making life better.
  2. Punishing friends: Unsuccessful people often have a habit of being friendly and grateful to those who are unhelpful to them and ungrateful to those who are kind to them. The inability to make and keep friends is involved in every failure.
  3. Bad manners: Losers are routinely rude. They fail to show up on time, to thank and to apologise when one must. Thus, bad manners guarantee our failure.
  4. Bad attitudes: The losers often have a sour pessimistic outlook. They dislike their work. They have a lack of self confidence and a deep rooted belief that they cant do better than what they are doing. They don’t understand that this way they are advertising themselves as losers.
  5. Needless arguing: Some people like to argue for the sake of argument. People who quarrel like that think that by doing so they can impress others which is wrong thinking.
  6. Putting first things last: Unsuccessful people CANT set priorities. They never seem to learn that its not a sacrifice to give up things of lesser importance for the things of greater importance. In fact, its a bargain.

Maybe, you and I have some of these habits, But remember, Winners know they can change and they do, always, with time.

After all, the only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.

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