A Hurrah for the Members of VYF !

Every now and then, I see young minds express young thoughts on Vide View. Every now and then, a butterfly sheds its cocoon. A child from the streets emerges into education and life. Every now and then, a step taken almost three decades ago seems even more relevant.Every moment that passes now defies a simple description in words or gestures.

Destiny is an oft misunderstood word, implying the future. But the real destiny is what we have now in the palm of our hands and in our hearts. Just as we live to fulfill destiny some time soon, destiny fulfills us here and now.

“Know that you are the creator of your own destiny” is a well known quote. Know also that the feelings we express and the positive changes we see emerge around us…
Are already our destiny.

It crouches at our doorstep, asking “Do you know what’s next?” Fearless, we stand tall and ask,” What have you got?”

And in this way has destiny already arrived, and so have you.

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