Visitors from Rotract club of Hong Kong went to Chembur Children’s Home. They had come with Rotary club of Andheri West. They showed audio video presentation on Hong Kong and also played different games with the children. They brought along with them biscuits, sweets, chocolates and stationery items to be distributed among the children. The Rotract club of Hong Kong donated a laptop to VYF.


Diya painting commenced from 30th September 2012 and within 15 days painting, designing and packaging was completed. There were few children for diya painting but the children managed to paint, design and pack 1700 diyas.

At RKM, things on display included hand painted jute bags, earrings, bracelets, necklace sets, rangoli, key chains, padukas, giggle berry products ( storybooks, slates, pencil stands, shoe bags), envelopes and diyas. This time the sale was very good. All the goods were sold within 2days. We had to order for more jewellery and envelopes for sale on the last day. We had a great response and the mela was a success.


  • Mankhurd: 200 children

Crackers: 200 packets

Wax diyas: 200 pcs

Uthni powder: 200 packets

Rangoli powder: 1 kg for each kutir (5kgs) + 6 colours: red, magenta, green (light& dark), lemon-yellow, orange (200gm x6)

Few days before the Diwali celebration each kutir was given kite papers, glue, and thread for preparing kandil. Each kutir had made beautiful kandil. From Sandhyalaya, five children were taken along as volunteers. The place at CCH was cleaned as Nileshwari and Tanvi along with Sandhyalaya children had reached earlier. Each head boy of a kutir was given rangoli powder and were asked to start the competition. The programme started with a prayer and thereafter the children were divided into 15 groups with 6-7 children in each group along with one volunteer for each group. Kite paper and glue was given to each group and they were asked to make rings out of the same. Later on this was used to decorate entire quadrangle. Purnima di showed slide show of Swami Vivekananda to the children.

Thereafter the prizes were distributed. The first prize was 1 packet of 10 big anars; second prize was 1 packet of 6 big anars; third, fourth and fifth prize was 1 packet of 10 small anars each. After prize distribution children were given crackers. Dinner was provided by VYF. For dinner dahi raita, puri, chana, papad, pulav and gulab jamun was prepared by Vrinda caterers.

  • David Sassoon: 180 children

Crackers: 180 packets

Diyas: 180 pieces

Uthni powder: 180 packets

Food: 7 kg sev and 5 kg boondi

  • Soup Kitchen: 25 children

Crackers + diya

Sandhyalaya: 25 children

Crackers+ diya

Crackers consisted of 2 small boxes of roll caps, three chakris, two anars, one rope, 2 pcs of assorted cartoon crackers and one box of fuljhadi.


It is our annual programme at Mankhurd, where children of five kutirs compete with each other in terms of a lively dance performance.

Nileshwari, accompanied by some children and volunteers from Sandhyalaya, reached the venue at 3.30 pm. The programme started at 5.00 pm with a prayer. Purnima di narrated the story of Jesus Christ and thereafter children were asked to blow the balloons and decorate the quadrangle with the same. One packet of Hippo, one frooti and one mawa cake was distributed among them. The program lasted for three hours. To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, VYF decided to provide one towel to each child. The towels were sponsored by Rehana Deshpande, kedar deshpande, shailesh deshpande and camela Rupani. Alpa Desai arranged for the same from Dadar. Aroon Travels arranged for the bus. We ordered 230 tetrapacks of Frooti and 250 packets of hippo wafers from Jeel Stores in Juhu and 230 pieces of mawa cake.

Mr Jai Kumar, Contestant of Dance India Dance was the judge for Dance Masti’12.

Prize Distribution

• Small group from Dhruv Kutir won the first prize.

• Bigger group from Shivaji Kutir won the prize.

  1. MISB BOCCONI,POWAI (Management College)

An exhibition was put up at MISB BOCCONI College of management. Students had taken jewellery and giggle berry products from VYF on consignment basis. They sold almost all the products. Entire proceeds were donated to VYF.

  1. Makar Sankranti at Mankhurd

Nileshwari, Suman and Vandana celebrated Makar Sankranti with the Mankhurd children. They distributed til laddoos and kites among the children.


For holi, 200 packets of colours (100 gm gulal +50 gm x 3 colors) were distributed at Makhurd, while 180 packets of colours (100 gm gulal +50 gm x 3 colors) were distributed at David Sasoon. 35 packets of colors (100 gm gulal +50 gm x 3 colors) were distributed at Soup Kitchen. A total of 415 packets of colours and 108 pichkaris were distributed. Children were also given lunch. For lunch thepla and shrikhand was provided.


On the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda VYF in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission had organised a classical dance recital based on the message and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda. The program started at 7:30pm as the guest arrived. The chief guest for the function was Swami Suviranandaji from Ramakrishna Mission ,Belur Math. The program was hosted by Vidyasagar. The dance recital was performed by Shubdha and her troupe. The program was a great success and was liked by the audiences who were the part of the program.

  1. National Youth Day, 12th January,2013

On account of National youth day and Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary RKM had organised a program and VYF was a part of it. The program was divided into two sessions. Prestigious speakers from different fields were invited to address the youth on this auspicious day.

In the month of February a program was organised for children of Mankhurd. The programme started with prayer. The children were shown slide show on our country India after which there was a question answer round. The children were also shown slide show on Swami Vivekananda’s life history. Aloka di narrated a story to the children. Dinner was arranged for children. They were given pulao, chana, mixed vegetable, puri, papad, gulab jamun and raita. The dinner as sponsored by Kailash Pujari (One of our Sponsorer).

To commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Anniversary on 12th January, All India Radio had invited Purnima Contractor, Preeti Verma and Vidyasagar Ayyappan to share the inspiration they got from Swamiji’s message and how Swamiji’s message is still relevant today in our lives. Swamiji’s message has inspired the above to start the organisation which has brought about qualitative and quantitative change in society.

  1. Disha

During October we started with the dance classes for the boys. The classes are conducted by VYF members Ekta Prithyani and Hemant Kumar.

In the month of January Louise (one of our sponsor from International Bunkering) visited CCH and spent quality time with these children. She interacted with them, read stories for the smaller children and played volley ball with the older boys.