1. Workshop at David Sassoon Industrial School, Matunga

This year we had a slide show at David Sassoon, Matunga on 28th April,2014 at 4pm.

We started with the prayer. This was followed by a slide show on ‘8 Wonders of the world’ and Swami Vivekananda’s life story. Later the boys were also told story of ‘Dog’s curly tail’ and ‘Hookah story’.

Boys were given snacks. For snacks we had arranged for tea, dhokla and Puran poli.

The program was ended by singing our National Anthem.

  1. Inauguration of Sandhyalaya at Jamnabai School

Due to various reasons our project “Sandhyalaya” was shifted to Jamnabai Narsee School. The inauguration was on 24th July, 2014. The evening class will now be conducted on every Thursday at the school’s canteen.

Chief Guest for the inauguration of the project was Ms. Urvashi and Ms. Minal (Trustee of JNS). We started the evening with yoga, after which the chief guest arrived. We started the program with the prayer followed by introduction of the Chief guest and lighting of the lamp by them.

We had some enlightening speech on inspiring words of Swami Vivekananda, education and highlights of Parliament of religion by members of VYF. Later the Chief guest shared few words with the children.

  1. The Rotaract Club at NM College distributed 200kgs of grains (140kgs rice and 60 kgs dal) to 15 families from various projects of VYF on 6th August,2014.


This is a major annual project for our vocational training. During Durga Pooja Festival, VYF puts up a stall at RKM Khar. About 2000 diyas were painted by the children of Sandhyalaya project. Diya painting commenced from 8th September 2014 and within 15 days the painting, designing and packaging were completed. From base painting to intricate designing on diyas were done by these children and it is always a total sell out at the stall.

At RKM stall products on display included hand painted jute bags (tote bags, sling bags etc.), earrings, bracelets, necklace sets, rangoli, key chains, padukas, giggle berry products ( games and slates). Like previous years the work done by our children were greatly appreciated by all the visitors and everything was total sell out within 3 days. The proceeding of the sale had gone to the children for painting diyas and jewellery designing and making. There were 35 children for diya painting and 6 girls for jewellery designing.


Mankhurd: 160 children

Crackers: 180 packets

Wax diyas: 180 pcs

Uthni powder: 160 packets

Rangoli powder: 2 kg for each kutir (10kgs) +7 colours: red, magenta, green (light& dark), lemon-yellow, orange (200gm x7)

Each kutir was given kite papers, glue, and thread a week prior for making lanterns. Very beautiful lanterns were made by these children.

Rangoli competition was organized between the 5 kutirs and out came amazing design of rangolis in front of their kutirs. They have so much of talent. One has to see to believe it.

The prizes offered

First prize :1 packet of 10 big anars;

Second prize :1 packet of 6 big anars;

Third, fourth and fifth prize: 1 packet of 10 small anars

To celebrate Diwali we had display of fireworks and each child was given a packet of crackers which do not make loud noise and were safe for the children to handle.

The children danced with lively music along with volunteers. A special dinner was arranged for them which we all had together.

David Sassoon: 180 children

Crackers:180 packets

Food: 7 kg makai chivda and 6 kg chakli

The packets and food were distributed among 180 children at David Sassoon, Matunga.

Soup Kitchen: 30 children

Crackers and diya were distributed among our street children and they had special snacks for the occasion.

Sandhyalaya: 20 children

We celebrated Diwali with our Sandhyalaya children by distributing a packet of crackers to each child.

There were rangoli competition and tasty snacks for them.


It is our annual programme at Mankhurd, where children of five kutirs compete with each other in terms of a lively dance performance.

Each Kutir had to present 2 performances. One solo performance and one group performance from each kutir. Swamiji’s picture was put up and all the children paid tribute to him by lighting a candle.

Story of Shri Ramakrishna’s life, and his message ‘Sarv Dharm Sama Bhav’ were conveyed to the boys. Story of Birth of Jesus Christ was also narrated to them.

Prize Distribution

• First solo dancer was given a watch

• Second solo dancer was gifted a bag pack.

• Group dancers were given t- shirts.

Mrs. Rekha Patel was the judge for this event of Dance Masti’14.

The whole program was followed by some sumptuous dinner which was greatly relished by all the children.