On Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary,
Vivekananda Youth Forum’s Founder Ms Aloka Dutta Gupta
and Member Vidyasagar, Compiled His Powerful messages
“May You Be Led to Light”


Secular and spiritual amelioration of humankind as
a whole, irrespective of caste, creed, colour,
nationality, gender or religion


Empowering youth who wish to make a difference in
their own lives and children less fortunate in areas of
education, life skills, health, and creativity


Swami Vivekananda’ philosophy is our guiding force
“Atmano mokshartan jagaddhitaya cha”
“Live for your own liberation and for the good of others”

For a dynamic and progressive society our country needs to improve the
quality of life of every individual. VYF believes that by trying to do this for
others, people can discover within themselves, dormant talents which are
unique. We work towords developing this latent power amongst the youth of
every section of the society. We aim to provide an opportunity to individuals
in need regardless of their race, religion or other distinctions


Impart basic education,
shelter and nutrition

Develop inter-personal,
social and sellable skills

Imbibe leadership qualities
in children and youth

Service to others and explore
your inner self