Professional Background:
Sharada Harihar is a Bachelor of Commerce, FCA with over 22 years of experience in her profession. As a practicing Chartered Accountant she has handled many high profile clients across all categories, with a specialization in the Indian Entertainment Industry.

Sharada is an avid reader and a music buff. Besides those outlets for her high pressure job, she has always been involved with giving back to the community in any way she can. This is what led her to Vivekananda Youth Forum (VYF) and the Sandhyalaya Project.

Sharada’s association with VYF now spans over 15 years and her role at VYF is both fiduciary and supportive.

Given her expertise in financial management and operations, her role in VYF as a Trustee includes fundraising and monitoring the financial standing of the charity and reports to the Board regarding cash-flow forecasting, income streams, out-going expenses and the overarching strategic management of the organization’s financial resources.

Sharada is also associated with various other non-profits like Dreamcatchers foundation where she is one of the founding Trustees.