Professional Background:
Mukulika Ghosh has worked for 29 years with British Airways as Cabin crew. She has nine years of Personal, Marital and Family counseling experience. Mukulika is associated with Vivekananda Youth Forum (VYF) since 1991. She holds a 3 years Diploma in Hotel Management, is a Bachelor of Arts and done her Post Graduation – Masters in Arts in Sociology. She also holds the LLB degree and has done a year’s Diploma in Guidance and Counseling.

And she says…

“VYF has seen me through my most trying times in life. It’s been a constant, a rock solid support and has given me the opportunity to do something worthwhile. I wouldn’t be what I am today, without VYF.

I’m proud of VYF and proud to belong to it. It has given me an anchor and a sense of belonging like nothing else in life. For this, I owe everything to Vivekananda Youth Forum.”