Volunteers are an integral part of VYF. With the organization growing in leaps and bounds, there is a constant need for volunteers who are keen to involve themselves in the various projects. VYF seeks young, inspired individuals from any field of life who feel for the cause.

Every volunteer is aligned to VYF’s philosophy:
“Atmano mokshartam jagaddhitaya cha“ – Live for your own liberation and for the good of others

As a Volunteer, you can…

  • Help in preparing teaching aids
  • Attend the weekly Sandhyalaya programme on Thursdays
  • Help with children’s activities at CCH; organize and conduct festivals such as Diwali celebrations, Holi, Christmas celebrations
  • Help in documentation for proposals, annual reports and accounts
  • Organize picnics, yearly outings
  • Share your personal skills and expertise to strengthen our organization