Professional Background:
Founder Member of Vivekananda Youth Forum (VYF); Vice Principal of Greenfields Pre-Primary School and Teacher Trainer at GiggleBerry Creative Learning Solutions.

AlokaDi has Mastery in Music and Eurhythmics. AlokaDi has been working in the field of early childhood education since 30 years. She has been instrumental in creating innovative techniques in the teaching-learning process and has conducted a variety of workshops for pre-school teachers. She is known for her effective and innovative teaching style, as well as being able to captivate and inspire children in large groups throughout her teaching career.

Trustee and Treasurer: VYF
A life inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s fearless message, AlokaDi is loved by all the thousands of children she has worked with since 30 years and children lovingly call her Badi Didi! She has inculcated in them the spirit of love, compassion and service to humanity. She is a founder member of VYF and instrumental in inculcating the values of honesty and the power of Truth in all.

AlokaDi is also a master in Ikebana – the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement, with several exhibitions to her credit.